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About Us

We at onlyROOT believe that the each individual and organization must have their privacy, independency and freedom protected.

Remember the time when privacy was common, secrets existed, people and companies where fully independent? Today your privacy and data is more valuable then ever, so why store it at a company that wants to harvest it?

We protect your privacy by creating services and products that are open source, work on our or your hardware (independently) and collect no data of any kind. You know, like it used to be.

Our services can be coupled using our Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform providing a seamless experience.

Our main focus is providing you with customized solutions that are elegant, user friendly and gives back your privacy and independency.

Additionally, we aim to provide you with fast and extraordinary customer satisfaction. You are not just a number to us.

For example, our video conference solution for you is:

  • 100% Secure and Private
  • Requires only one moderator to work
  • Records no data of any type
  • Once the meeting is closed there is no information left of who, how many or what it was about
  • Runs on our own private infrastructure or yours!
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We provide a wide range of services. But basically we can split them in four categories:

Managed Services

We provide any managed service. Ie: website hosting, e-mail, video conferencing, chat, remote workplaces, kubernetes namespaces and much more. Most of our services are tied in to our secure identity and access management platform.

Datacenter Hosting

We provide managed or unmanaged VPS's or dedicated (blade) servers as an alternative to cloud solutions. If you want to use your own hardware: managed colocation is also an option.

Security Services

We provide security services like security audits, identity and access management, penetration testing, safe code review and much more.


We provide the best linux and open-source consultants that are dedicated to enhance your business. And we actively can recruit the best candidate to suit your needs.


We can imagine that you are very interested in our services and want to know more. So the best way to get in touch is just to call us. We're happy to answer your questions. If you rather want to send us an e-mail we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Michail Koloni Str. 8 - Office 1, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria


+31 (0) 85 30 33 914