Virtual Private Server (VPS)

We provide linux based virtual servers running on our cluster.

Available in Managed or unmanaged and any virtual configuration can be requested.

It's a great flexible entry-level option for small-businesses.

Managed Colocation

With regular colocation basically everyone has access to the rack.

Resulting in poor wiring, connectivity issues and security risks

We provide managed colocation: You ship the unit to us, we rack it and provide power and connectivity.

Dedicated Server

As a safe and reliable alternative to cloud solutions we provide managed or unmanaged dedicated servers (blades).

With a base config of dual 2.4Ghz Intel Xeon hexa-core and 32Gb RAM a good option to run your services.

Managed blades come pre-installed with Debian stable and are coupled in our identity and access management platform.

Redundancy & Failover

We can provide a redundant / failover location for your services.

Or store your data as an offsite back-up away from the cloud.

Connect with us to explore the possibilities.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Our VPS hosting is powered by KVM. All VPS plans run on Intel Xeon processors and are located in our Amsterdam Datacenter.

  • Full Control
  • Self Service
  • Managed or Unmanaged
  • Affordable

An onlyROOT VPS, also called compute instance, is a virtual machine which has allocated and uses a part of a powerful physical server and runs its own copy of an operating system. Unmanaged VPS'es comes with root user access and allow you to install and any program you decide and make any configuration.

Managed VPS'es are coupled to our identity and access management platform and are the next step in the offer. If you want us to setup the server and services for you, then managed is the hassle free solution for you.

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Managed Colocation

Managed colocation is the perfect solution for clients who want their own servers in a professional datacenter. Anyone who has visited a colocation site before will have noticed the security issues with that solution: Every client is able to physically access your server. With our managed colocation solution you can trust only our certified engineers are able to access the rack. We rack the server and provide power and connectivity, the rest is up to you.

  • Your hardware in a professional datacenter
  • Isolated VLAN connectivity
  • Remote support/hands available

A lot of companies still run their servers in a dusty old basement or under someone's desk. That's not really an option anymore. Our managed colocation service provides you with the piece of mind that you still hold the keys to your kingdom. But if needed: experienced engineers are available to assist.

Managed Colocation can also be a great way to prepare for a migration to our dedicated servers or the cloud.

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Dedicated Server

If you need high-performance and don't want to invest in hardware: then our Blade solution is the right one for you. Our blades are available as managed or unmanaged and can be optimized to suit your needs. The base configuration is:

  • 2x Intel XEON 2.4Ghz hexa-core
  • 32 Gb RAM (extendable up to 192Gb)
  • 500 Gb SAS RAID-1 on-blade storage
  • 1 IP address

Our managed blades come pre-installed with Debian stable and are coupled to our identity and access management platform. Renting a dedicated blade is one phone-call away, as our engineers are happy to power one on for you.

Unmanaged blades require additional setup time, as we'll need to perform a base install upon request.

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