Vulnerability Assessment

How up to date is your environment? Are you certain all required updates have been applied?

We can help you to make an inventory of unpatched and/or known vulnerabilities and will advise on required follow-ups.

Platform Audit

Have you ever wondered how secure your environment really is?

Would you like to know which steps to take to improve upon your security?

Are you mandated to follow a strict compliancy standard?

Full Risk Assessment

Would you like to know every little detail about your environment as seen through the eyes of an attacker?

Together we will define a plan to allow for an authorized attack on your platform allowing you to get the most detailed report on the state of the security in your platform.

Vulnerability Assessment

We can perform an unauthenticated remote scan on your system(s) identifying possible vulnerabilities. The report will provide a basic list of known and/or possible unknown vulnerabilities. However due to the nature of this scan; false positives are also bound to be discovered.

When more detail is required we can utilize an authorized user or deploy an agent to your system(s) to perform a more in-depth scan. Combined with data of the remote scan we will be able to create a detailed report without any false positives on the state of your platform and advise accordingly.

  • Remote scan
  • Authenticated scan
  • Agentless scan
  • Level 1 service

Platform Audit

If you want to increase the security level of your platform or make sure that connections between your systems and/or your customers are safe: We can identify which parts of your platform require tuning or systems hardening.

Utilizing mutiple methods of scanning using industry standard or custom templates we can deliver a report on the state of your platform and advise on improvements.

  • Audit
  • Compliancy
  • Hardening
  • Level 2 service

Full Risk Assessment

An ethical hacker will perform an authorized attack on your platform to identify weaknesses and exploits. The delivered report will provide detailed information on the state of your platform and remediations where possible. This service is a combination of vulnerability assessment and platform audit servics.

  • Pentest
  • Ethical hacker
  • Risk
  • Level 3 service